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Provincial Governments

Since coming into power in 2001, the provincial government has been clear about its desire for an offshore oil and gas industry. Premier Gordon Campbell announced his intention to light the flame of the Olympic torch with gas from the offshore at B.C.’s 2010 Olympic Games. While this is highly unrealistic, the province has been pushing their agenda, budgeted more than $20 million of tax payers money to promote the industry and continue to staff a 12-person Offshore Oil and Gas Team with a budget of $5 million annually. Part of this money was given to pro industry lobby groups to help promote an offshore oil and gas industry. Despite four years of persuasion, the B.C. public and many First Nations remain opposed to lifting the moratorium.

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Meanwhile, since 2002, the provincial government has been pressuring the federal government to lift its moratorium. The province has requested lifting the blanket moratorium, so the entire coast can be opened up for offshore oil and gas, including the Georgia and Tofino basins.