Oil Free Coast Oil and water don't mix. Keep British Columbia's coast oil free.
Oil Free Coast Take Action!


B.C.’s coastal communities have many sustainable opportunities for economic development that will not threaten our coastal ecology and economy. The provincial government has already budgeted $20 million over the last four years to promote the offshore oil and gas industry. If that amount had been spent on promoting clean energy opportunities or sustainable wild fisheries, our coastal communities would have benefited.

To achieve Canada’s commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, the governments of Canada, British Columbia and oil and gas companies must invest their research and development funds to establish clean, sustainable energy sources like wind, solar, tidal, and micro-hydro. Investments in renewable energy create five times more jobs than the fossil fuel sector. B.C. has enough wind generation potential to launch a competitive worldwide industry.

The real opportunities for coastal British Columbia are in sustainable industries such as commercial fishing, tourism and clean energy production, not dinosaur industries that put B.C.’s coast at risk.

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