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Oil and Gas Industry

When the federal government formed a panel to hear the views of British Columbians about offshore oil and gas development, the oil industry, with the exception of Petro Canada, presented their support for the lifting of the moratorium. Shell, Chevron, Petro Canada, Exxon Mobil and Canadian Forest Oil hold leases for the 9 million hectares of the seabed on the B.C. coast. At the hearings, CAPP, Chevron and Shell expressed their support for lifting the moratorium.

Read the submission of Industry representatives supporting the lifting of the moratorium on offshore oil and gas:

 CAPP - May 11, 2004
 Shell - May 12, 2004

Provincial tenures have also been given for the mouth of the Frazer River, in the Strait of Georgia and the inside waters near Port Hardy. These leases are held by the Offshore Oil and Gas Corporation, Haida Resources and Conoco Phollips/Dynamic Oil.




Chevron U.S.A. has a long record of significant pollution releases, safety violations and other incidents.

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